Buy and Sell Pre-Owned Workstations Online

Every year, 17 billion pounds of office furniture ends up in our landfills. At Clear Office, we wanted to do our part in the fight to save the environment. People toss an endless amount of usable office furniture into our landfills when the items just need to find a new home. Clear Office is the first online marketplace where you can buy and sell pre-owned workstations online.

At Clear Office, our high-quality used workstations consist of cubicles for individual workspaces that enable privacy and productivity and also play a small yet substantial part in saving the environment.

On our website, you’ll find that we carry a selection of pre-owned workstations online from brands like Herman Miller and Allsteel that are in good-as-new condition.

To begin the process of buying and selling pre-owned workstations online, register on our website or call (408) 687-2021 to speak with one of our advisors.