Certified Pre-Owned Inventory for Office Furniture


A certified pre-owned furniture inventory for office furniture can increase value and sell your furniture faster. We take control of the details and give you and your potential buyer peace of mind! Hire a professional furniture project manager to certify your inventory and manage your furniture liquidation.

Priced per each Open Office Workstation. Enter the total quantity of work stations to certify. Minimum Qty.20

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A Certified Inventory increases your workstation’s value by 30 percent.

Clear Office is a full-service online marketplace for used furniture that offers customers dealer services to make the process of buying and selling that much easier. Our online certified inventory office furniture liquidation services will authorize your pre-owned furniture to expedite the selling process.

Yes, we can help you do that! Plus, we’ll be there on site to help with the furniture liquidation process.

A Certified Pre-Owned Inventory for Office Furniture from Clear Office Marketplace means your furniture listing is guaranteed to be accurate. Buyers want to be sure what they’re shopping for on Clear Office Used Furniture Marketplace is what it says it is.

If you don’t happen to have an accurate drawing and/or clear inventory handy, that’s where we come in. Our team of experts will collaborate with you to survey your building, workstations, and furniture. Oh yeah, and we also step in and help remove the stress of removing furniture from your building.

We thought of everything and included it all in this service package.

Free up your calendar and be kept in the loop with on-site coordination and a professional inventory of everything that’s moving with our certified pre-owned inventory for office furniture services.

If you can provide us with the Auto/CAD file of your office building, we can also update the AS-Built drawing. With an AS-Built drawing, buyers will be able to determine if your workstations will be able to work in their space. Eliminate the guessing game and get started with us, today.

Certified Pre-Owned Inventory for Office Furniture Services

  • Onsite removal coordination
  • AS-Built Drawing (with AutoCAD background provided)
  • Complete Inventory Worksheet

Contact us today to get started with one of our professional furniture project managers. Get in touch by calling (408) 687-2021 or by sending an email to hello@clear-office.com.

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  1. Leonard Emmerling

    This is a great idea and awesome service!

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