Online Furniture Advisor Quick Start Session

Let’s get you started on the right track. Book an Online Furniture Advisor Quick Start Session with an expert that’s been there, done that.

Take advantage of our introductory offer to get you going for FREE!

Quick Start Sessions are 30-minute blocks of time. Use the calendar below to schedule a one on one conversation with a used furniture marketplace expert that works for you.

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Online Furniture Advisor Quick Start Session | Clear Office

What if you could sit with a true expert, someone who’s the best at helping people buy and sell furniture and get their advice on to do this in less time than you expected it to take?

Our Online furniture advisor Quick Start Sessions are 30-minute one on one conversations between you and our marketplace experts. They know this business inside and out and can help you maximize the selling power of your used furniture listing.

During your online furniture advisor Quick Start Session, we will walk you through the marketplace to make sure you’ll have everything you need for a successful experience buying and or selling used office furniture. We will answer all your questions relating to the process of buying and selling.

If you have an extra-large and/or complicated inventory, we know how to make the selling process simple. We can even discuss our additional service options, including warehousing, delivery/installation, and refurbishing. At Clear Office, we work with you to establish a common goal, whether you’re buying or selling.

We also know how to set the sell price to attract the largest buyers of used office furniture on the marketplace.

  • New to the site and would like help posting your 1st listing? We can get you up and running…

  • Looking for some serious help getting your furniture ready to sell? We have the process down pat!

  • Do you have a large number of items to sell? Let us help you make it easy!

The online furniture advisor Quick Start Session will be tailored entirely to your needs. In the end you’ll not only have the answers to your questions, you’ll be more effective on our marketplace.

Contact us today to inquire about how we can help you buy and sell your used furniture quickly and more efficiently. Give us a call at (408) 687-2021 or send an email to


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