Workstation Components

Workstation Components

Workstation Components Defined

 Get a better understanding of the features to consider when buying and selling used office furniture. This is a simple guide to help BUYERS and SELLERS understand the terms used to describe workstation components.

The very first thing everyone needs to know about used office furniture: DON’T COUNT ON  KEYS included with used workstation storage components.

KEYS & CORES are installed in new furniture after the workstations have been assembled. Removing the KEYS & CORES before the workstations are disassembled, labeled and bagged in sets is not something an installer does unless they’re directed to do so ahead of time. The reality in most cases is keys can not be located, the process of removal cores is often skipped or not applicable if the used furniture has been reconfigured without keeping KEY SETS in tact.

Specifying keys with the same number for all of the locks in a workstation is called KEY ALIKE. If KEY ALIKE is a feature you require, we recommend purchasing sets of matching cores and only 1- or 2 keys for each number separately. The LOCK CORES fit inside the lock fixture in the furniture. The LOCK CORES can be changed to matching sets with a REMOVAL TOOL.

Something else to consider is limiting the key numbers to 10 or 20 different numbers. It’s a lot easier to manage lost keys and most end users don’t ever realize they may have the same key as their neighbor.

Office Furniture Storage Lock Cores and Keys



KEYS, CORES and REMOVAL TOOLS for every major furniture manufacture are available to order on line from EASY KEYS. The one thing you won’t be able to find at EASY KEYS is a MASTER KEY. Don’t worry, we can help you buy a MASTER KEY and figure out the rest. Project Management and Move Coordination is what we do!

  1. Open Shelf 2. Closed Overhead Bin 3. Freestanding Storage Tower 4. Box/Box/File Pedestal 5. File/File Pedestal 6. Lateral File
Open Shelf with 1/2High End Panels

The OPEN SHELF comes with either FULL HEIGHT or HALF HEIGHT END PANELS depending on the manufacture. OPEN SHELVES work well placed next to the OVERHEAD BIN in the corner of the workstation making the contents easy to reach.

TASK LIGHTS that attach to the underside of the overhead storage components is another item that should be described. We recommend not installing TASK LIGHTS over the corner work surface as there’s not much of a benefit illuminating the monitor screen from above.

Both OPEN SHELVES and CLOSED BINS should always be located above a work surface so it doesn’t become a head knocker. The work surface helps keep your head away from hitting the overhead.

The CLOSED OVERHEAD STORAGE BIN is also know as a FLIPPER DOOR by some in the business. “Flipper Doors” for the OVERHEAD BIN are designed to retract inside the shell of the bin, exposing the entire opening at once. Other style flipper doors retract above the bin, preventing end users from keeping items on top of the bin. This style could be good thing to reduce clutter in the office landscape.

Most furniture designers place closed door bins in easy to reach locations, over return work surfaces for example.

Closed Overhead Bin
Hinged Door Cabinets

The HINGED DOOR option is usually found on OVERHEARD BINS in private office furniture or STORAGE CABINET designs. They offer a more traditional look, but can be cumbersome to find what you’re looking for.

OVERHEAD STORAGE designs have been updated to include a variety of closed and open combinations with sliding doors. They may also feature frosted glass and writable marker board surfaces.

Sliding Door Overhead Storage
Storage Tower

The STORAGE TOWER is available with several combinations of storage options. PERSONAL TOWERS most often include a wardrobe section to hang jackets much like LOCKERS. Some designs can have a variety of openings, doors and drawers. STORAGE TOWERS and/or LOCKER applications are popular with work styles that require a one size fits all unit. STORAGE TOWERS with casters can be found out there in the used marketplace, designed to move with the end user to a new location.

Also keep in mind, the designs of STORAGE TOWERS, LOCKERS and STORAGE CABINETS with HINGED DOORS are “HANDED”.

More about “HANDEDNESS” to follow.


There’s an aftermarket product we’d like to make you aware of that transforms storage doors to have writable surfaces. Office furniture manufactures like EGAN Visual offer vinyl marker surfaces that can fasten to the face of the door magnetically or with an adhesive.

It’s a little tricky placing an order. You have to provide dimensions of the lock location and sign off a drawing to accept the design before the order is filled. Egan Versa* products can be applied to more than just storage units. Contact us for more information and more great ideas. We’re full of them!

PEDESTALS seemed to be named for the number and size of drawers. A three drawer pedestal  is known as BOX/BOX/FILE or BBF. The pedestal highlighted in the example is FIXED, meaning it does not move.

Unlike the MOBILE PEDESTAL [shown below] FIXED PEDESTALS support the work surface and in most cases DO NOT have a finished top. If you plan to use them under a height adjustable work surface you could purchase a new top, but that may be as expensive as buying a new pedestal including handling and assembly costs.

BOX/BOX/FILE or BBF Pedestal

MOBILE PEDESTALS are the most flexible storage unit in the workstation and the perfect complement to a Height Adjustable Table [HAT].

As the HAT has become more and more popular, the design of the mobile pedestal has been re-invented. The SKINNY PED provides more leg space for HAT’s typically 48″ – 60″ wide.

SKINNY PEDS are only 12″ wide, yet the FILE drawer can still hold everything a 24″ wide standard size pedestal does [SIDE to SIDE].

BOX DRAWERS are 6″ tall and most include an accessory organizer insert.

MOBILE PEDESTALS also can be specified with a cushion top for your guest to perch during their visit.

FILE DRAWERS are 12″ tall and are designed to store hanging “Pendiflex” files either SIDE to SIDE or FRONT to BACK.

COMBO FILES are essentially a BBF and FF PEDESTAL combined in one file case. Also note the preferred placement of the BBF and FF combination PEDESTALS is to locate the BBF PEDESTAL on the inside of the workstation closest to the end user. The combination of 2 and 3 drawers and open case COMBO FILES, STORAGE TOWERS and LOCKERS are “HANDED”.

RIGHT HAND or LEFT HAND products are something to consider when designing your office space.

It’s very helpful to know how many RH and LH units there are in your inventory. This is a detail that should be included in the description of your listing.

FIle/File Pedestal

STORAGE PANTRIES with a full height vertical drawer are another great storage concept that also serves as a privacy panel when the drawer is pulled out. LOW STORAGE units are designed to complement height adjustable tables. They allow the electric tables to adjust lower than normal desk height. The important thing to consider when planning with both LOW STORAGE and/or a STORAGE PANTRY is they are HANDED, meaning this will dictate the direction the table and storage will face.

LATERAL FILES are available in three common widths; 30″, 36″ and 42″ Wide. Be aware that some files like the one shown in the example are FIXED and provide support to the work surface. FIXED FILES most likely DO NOT have a finished top.

Workstations with FREESTANDING LATERAL FILES that fit under the work surface and have a finished top are more desirable. These are are some of the examples that can increase the value of your used office furniture, so please include these details when describing workstation components.

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